Never Said We Were Perfect™ is a blog and podcast about life, love and marriage (and sometimes parenting).  We moved from Chicago, Illinois to Gainesville, Florida in 2007 where we live, work and play with our daughter.

We are not millennials, egomaniacs or narcissists. We are not particularly comfortable in the spotlight. But the podcast isn’t just about us. Our bet is it’s also about you. If not you, perhaps that aunt and crazy uncle who live down in Florida.

Bottom line?  We find ourselves – and our observations about life, love and marriage – mildly entertaining, and we think you might as well. If we’re wrong…well…it wouldn’t be the first time. Afterall, we never said we were perfect.

You can listen to our bi-weekly podcast, sign up to receive notifications of new blog posts and post your questions or comments below. We’d love to hear from you,  and look forward to getting to know you!

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