Never said we were perfect™. The perfect name for a couple who is far from perfect.

What do couples who don’t fight, reminiscing about how we met and other miscellaneous observations about daily life have to do with one another? They are discussed in the first episode of our new podcast, Never Said We Were Perfect™.

Why did we choose that particular name for a blog and podcast about life, love and marriage (and perhaps a few parenting stories mixed in)? Because it felt like the perfect name for a couple who is far from perfect.

As we approach our 10th year of marriage, we have had our fair share of ups and downs. Thankfully, more ups than downs.

We could attribute our success to good communication and the support of friends and family. Although, we’re pretty sure there have been times when they all thought that a number for a good divorce lawyer would be the best way to give their support.

Truth be told, we make each other laugh. And, we aren’t afraid to laugh at ourselves. And sometimes at others, but mostly at ourselves. Oh, and we love each other, so there’s that.

We are not millennials, egomaniacs or narcissists. We are not particularly comfortable in the spotlight. But this podcast isn’t just about us. Our bet is it’s also about you. If not you, perhaps that aunt and crazy uncle who live down in Florida.

Bottom line? We find ourselves – and our observations about life, love and marriage – mildly entertaining, and we think you might as well. If we’re wrong…well…it wouldn’t be the first time. After all, we never said we were perfect.

Dana and Daryl

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